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Jo 43, North Tyneside

I came to see Victoria at the beginning of the year as I was preparing to undergo my second round of IVF treatment and had read that acupuncture could be beneficial in getting good results.

Before my first appointment I was a little apprehensive as infertility is a very sensitive issue but I needn't have worried as Victoria put me at my ease straight away with her warm and caring personality and I felt like I was talking to an old friend!!

I walked out of my first session feeling so relaxed and positive about the IVF journey I was about to undertake! I really enjoyed our weekly sessions and was amazed at the way that the acupuncture helped with the horrible side effects that I had taking the medication. I managed to remain calm and positive throughout the IVF process which was so different to the first time I had gone through it . It was such a contrast! 

I genuinely believe that the acupuncture is the reason why am now 16 weeks pregnant and I cannot thank Victoria enough for her wonderful sessions and the care and concern she showed me - and for anyone about to go through the gruelling journey of fertility treatment I would say that you really need to go and see Victoria as she is one special lady!

Steve 51, North Tyneside

I was treated by Victoria for chronic lower back pain and I am now completely pain free with full mobility after three sessions of acupuncture. 

Victoria took the time to carry out a full health assessment before any treatment began. She is very thorough and professional in her approach. She is honest concerning the likely amount of treatment and outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend Victoria.

Susan 51, North Tyneside

After suffering for many years with headaches and severe migraines, I sought relief through acupuncture. 

Victoria has been very supportive, understanding and extremely sympathetic. She is so easy to talk to that each consultation is handled in a friendly, down to earth, yet wholly professional manner. 

The effects of acupuncture have quite quickly made a positive difference to the number of migraines I have had recently. Not only that , I feel so much better in myself generally, I sleep well, have more energy and cope with the dreaded menopausal symptoms, which now seem to be improving too! 

I have no qualms about recommending Victoria and acupuncture to anyone. I'm delighted to have found her and I'm confident that I will continue to benefit from her treatment and friendship. Thanks Victoria. 

Gary 39, North Tyneside

After almost a year of constant pain in my knee and several diagnosis from my doctor, I contacted Victoria for help.

I had a thoroughly professional consultation and after only 3 treatments the pain had gone and I have now been pain free for over 6 months, I would have no hesitation in recommending Victoria to anyone.

Shauna 44, North Tyneside

I have been a patient of Victoria's for a number of months now and cannot recommend her highly enough!

I have had acupuncture for many years from a number of very good practitioners but Victoria is set apart by not only her very skillful acupuncture but by her ability to put a patient at their ease and make the whole experience a very enjoyable one. 

Victoria is always extremely professional and discreet, I have never felt in the least embarrassed to discuss the full range of my symptoms with her.

She has been able to help me to manage a long term back injury and as an added bonus vastly improve my menopausal symptoms into the bargain! I feel that I have found a long term solution to managing my pain and made a friend into the bargain, give her treatments a try and I guarantee you will be back for more!

Suzanne 33, North Tyneside

My experience of fertility acupuncture was a very positive and worth while experience which I plan to repeat in the future and would recommend to anyone undergoing IUI / IVF or for any other fertility issues.

I attended the clinic in April 2012 after my fourth failed attempt of IUI.At that time I was very stressed and was suffering with anxiety and depression due to the whole experience of under going fertility treatment.I decided to look into acupuncture as I had read mixed reviews on the internet over a period of time but decided if nothing else I needed some help with my stress levels and to relax.

I attended my 1st appointment with Victoria and a full consultation was carried out.Victoria put me at ease with her friendly manner and my next appointment was arranged to align with start of my fifth course of IUI treatment.I returned to see Victoria who carried out her treatment to help stimulate my ovaries and assist the medication I was taking.I returned to the fertility clinic a few days later and I had three large follicles ready for treatment.

I returned to see Victoria the morning of my treatment and underwent my firth round of IUI. Four days later I returned to see Victoria and her plan of action was to help with implantation of the follicles. After two weeks of anticipation I finally got the positive result I had wished for over the past three years. I am now 32 weeks pregnant and all is going well. My journey has been long and very stressful and disheartening at times I only wish I had contacted Victoria when I first heard of acupuncture assisting fertility treatments as I do believe the successes of my fifth IUI treatment was down to acupuncture if not only as it put me in a more relaxed and positive frame of mind.

I found the whole experience of acupuncture very relaxing and enjoyable and would recommend this to anyone who is considering other options to assists there fertility treatments or fertility issues

Lucy 38, North Tyneside

I saw Victoria in the hope of becoming pregnant, having had irregular periods caused by a hormone imbalance since having my first child. She has a really lovely manner - very down to earth, caring and good humoured, yet professional.

I felt she took a genuine interest in my overall health and made me feel at ease throughout the treatments, explaining the Chinese perspective on my symptoms and why she was using particular acupuncture points. 

I always looked forward to my treatments, finding them a positive and relaxing experience. After just 3 months of acupuncture, my periods had regularised and I fell pregnant. I would definitely recommended Victoria to other women with similar issues

Amanda 37, North Tyneside

I first saw Vicki when I fell pregnant with my second baby and started to experience morning sickness again. Vicki kindly agreed to carry out my initial appointment at home which really helped allay my fears and make me feel at ease with the treatment. I felt my symptoms were certainly lessened by the treatment and Vicki also gave me some helpful advice about food groups that would compliment my treatment.

I have been seeding Vicki more recently to help with heartburn and again the treatment has really help limit the symptoms and make me feel much more comfortable.

All my treatments so far have been really relaxing and this is down to Vicki's professional ability to make people feel at ease. I would thoroughly recommend Vicki's treatments to anyone

Sam 35, North Tyneside

I started seeing Victoria to help me conceive my second baby after 6 months of trying and also to assist with low energy levels due to my under active thyroid gland.

I was very apprehensive as I do not like needles but Victoria immediately put me at ease. Victoria is very knowledgeable and explained everything from the very start of the process and throughout the sessions. I imagined acupuncture would be uncomfortable or painful but it was neither. In fact, it made me feel very relaxed.

I was delighted that after a couple of sessions I felt so much better and conceived the second month after starting treatment. 

I have recommended Victoria to friends and would thoroughly recommend acupuncture as a treatment

Russell 52, North Tyneside

I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis in my early 20's , nearly 30 years ago. It is a type of chronic arthritis that affects my spine, muscles and tendons throughout my body, with varying side effects.

Over the years I have had to come to terms with AS, adapting my lifestyle to balance the condition,medication subdues my flare ups by about 25%, Tens Machine proved ineffective, and exercising (Physio) slightly assisted in pain relief.

After a major flare up caused by lifting earlier this year I visited Vicki, and after a relaxed and detailed consultation I began treatment ,not only for my AS but also Tennis Elbow, the results the next day were immediate on both my back and elbow, the pain level was considerably reduced. Vicki further researched my condition for the next visit, once again massive improvement.The Tennis Elbow after months of discomfort was controlled within 3 treatments, the relief to the AS throughout my body can only be described as inspiring.

I have never looked back, we have now reduced my visits to a maintenance level, my lifestyle has vastly improved, I have a more relaxed and peaceful approach to life in general as well, when I questioned my consultant, he was delighted that I found a treatment that proved effective for me, but couldn't tell me why it was successful, as he said it works for some and not for others.

Vicki's honesty shines through, her relaxed approach will put you at ease, after years of discomfort I have at last found a successful solution in assisting my problems, thank you so much Vicki

Jayne 28, Sunderland

I have always been interested in acupuncture but never really had a reason to use it until last year. I contacted Vicky after 18 months of trying to conceive, after various medical examinations revealed no problems for myself or my husband I decided that I would give acupuncture a go.

After a long consultation with Vicky she immediately put my worries at ease, she is incredibly easy to talk to especially about such a sensitive issue. I had my first treatment in December around the time of ovulation, it was completely pain free and a really pleasant and relaxing experience.

We were delighted to find out that we are expecting our first baby at the end of the summer, after just one treatment. I have been back for follow up treatments to help me through my pregnancy, and have recommended Vicky to numerous friends. I truly believe that acupuncture made a difference for me and would definitely use it again in the future

Phillip 53, North Tyneside

I have suffered with migraine headaches over the last 30 years. I have tried all sorts of medication prescribed over the years, but to no avail. I had heard that acupuncture could help migraine sufferers and with this in mind I contacted Victoria Johnson who is a graduate of Chinese Medicine and uses acupuncture as an alternative form of treatment for migraine headaches.

I must say I was somewhat sceptical that someone with needles (which I have a great fear of) might help me with my problem of severe migraine headaches. Much to my surpirse I found Victoria to be sympathetic and empathised with my condition and was determined to help me if she could.

I have now had 10 treatments and for the first time in many years have gone three months and a brilliant holiday later with no migraine headaches. I can only assume that it is the acupuncture that is working for me and I am delighted to recommend Victoria to anyone who suffers in the same way that I have suffered migraine headahes. I might add that you have to be committed to seeing the treatment through and be a little patient to give the acupunture time to work.

I think Victoria is an absolutely amazing person and she has certainly made life easier for me!

Kerry 41, Northumberland

I have suffered from Neuropathic Pain for at least 10 years. For those of you who suffer from the same you know how bad it is. I have tried many different medications but have been unable to cope with the side effects. Recently my partner discovered Victoria's name on the British Acupuncture Council's Website.

I cannot say how much acupuncture has changed my life. In the past I never slept more than 3-4 hours a night spending most of the night pacing the floor hoping the pain would subside. Since beginning acupuncture a few months ago, I now sleep through to my alarm each morning. I still suffer some pain but the fact that I now manage to sleep has changed many things for not only me but also for my partner, who has been very supportive but as we all know when we are in pain or tired we tend to take it out on those we love. 

Victoria is amazing. She is extremely patient (as I have a real fear of needles) but she explained the whole process thoroughly and I immediately felt at ease and now I actually look forward to my sessions. I can whole heartedly recommend acupuncture for anyone

Tracy 36, Northumberland

I came to Vicki after suffering from numbness in two fingers on my left hand due to ulnar nerve problems. I have never used acupuncture before and am absolutely delighted with the results. Vicki was wonderful at explaining the process and put me at ease throughout all the sessions.

Since starting acupuncture I have seen significant improvements in the numbness in my fingers and also my general well-being. I would definitely recommend Vicki

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